February 10, 2017

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Take Me Back to Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

As I write this, it has been nearly a month since I visited Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. The temperature there today is 76F. Here in Atlanta, it is 46F. I so wish I was back in Old San Juan. Not only do I miss the lovely weather, but also the ancient, colorful, colonial streets. […]

Happy St. Maarten’s/St. Martin’s Day!

A tale of two nations on one island All the husbands were happy and all the wives were sad. We arrived to St. Maarten on November 11th. This is Veteran’s Day in the United States, which is cause for a sellabration in the U.S. On our new island it was cause for a celebration, because this […]

From Here You Can See Half the Caribbean, St. Thomas USVI

We arrived at St. Thomas at 1 pm. What a beautiful view from the Lido deck. Unlike the flatland of Grand Turk, St. Thomas was rather mountainous. This was a bit daunting for this intrepid trekker. After crawling all over the Carnival Liberty for two days, and hiking all over Grand Turk for one, I […]

Jack’s Shack — a Naughty Drink and Great Jerk Chicken

Down the beach (about a quarter mile) from the Carnival complex on Grand Turk, is a little bar and grill called Jack’s Shack. It was recommended to me by my cruise buddies, Kevin and Amy, whom I met on the ship. “They have the best jerk chicken I’ve ever had,” Kevin told me. “And they’re […]

A Nickel Tour of a Nickel-sized Island — Grand Turk

I awoke at 7:30 am and discovered that we were docked at Grand Turk. Yay! Time for some island trekking! After a sumptuous breakfast of eggs Benedict, I disembarked into the hot humidity. I regretted not buying a bottled water prior to leaving the ship, but I was not about to fight the wave of […]

And Best of All, My Cruise Was Free!

  Yesterday’s post was about how a cruise trip is your best vacation value. You know what makes for an even better value? A free cruise! Last week I was in the middle of a lovely eight-night cruise on the Carnival Liberty. There were stops in The Turks and Caicos (Grand Turk), St. Thomas, U.S. […]

Rock the Boat, Baby — Cruises Are a Great Vacation Value

  Despite the recent bouts of bad press the cruise industry has received in recent years (some of it deservedly so) I still believe that going on a cruise is one of the best vacation values out there. I mean think about it, for pretty much one price, anything you would want or need on […]

Death in the Petri Dish (or Goodbye Humans)

“Ain’t no need to question why, yeah, we all gonna die.” — Country Joe and the Fish Are humans causing climate change? Ninety-seven percent of all climate scientists seem to think so. Not 10 percent, or 50 percent, or four out of five, but 97-freaking-percent. I’d say that is more than a clear majority, wouldn’t you? […]

The Importance of Chewing Your Milk

Use This One Weird Trick to Lose Weight Without Exercise You see ads all over the internet: “Use this one weird trick to lose weight,” or “Eat this one weird food to lose weight,” or “Follow this diet to lose weight,” and you see them ad nauseam. They alone, are almost enough to put you […]

Overwhelmed? Make This List Your First Priority!

I had too much going on. I had too much to do. I was just plain overwhelmed and even hobbies were causing me stress. Each time I entered the pantry the two home-brew kits screamed at me: “When are you going to brew us!” I would go in for a can of tomatoes and there […]

Vacant Lots Where My Memories Used to Be

If I ever make it as a beloved writer of the Great American Novel, future generations are screwed. Not because they’ll be forced to read my books in high school Literature class, but instead, because, they will not be able to trace the cornerstone places which molded my being. My boyhood home is still standing, […]